Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Finding My Rhythm

Dusty Drums

You might recall that I mentioned life changes in my post yesterday, and this right here is one of them. Over the course of the past couple of months a friend of mine has been teaching me how to play the drums. I've always had aspirations of being able to play some sort of instrument, (two years of flute lessons when I was a kid and an unused guitar and amp from my early teens can attest to that) but I have never successfully mastered my instrument or felt like I was even kind of good at playing it.

I'm feeling like the drums might be a good fit though. Both my mom and brother are fairly accomplished drummers, so I guess it's in my blood. Regardless, I'm having a ton of fun and feel like I can actually do something with it, which is very cool, and thankfully my group of friends include some very talented musicians who aren't half bad at passing their skills along.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hi There

Hi There

Hello there. It's been a while, and things have been absolutely insane to say the least. I have been overwhelmed with work, school and new and exciting life changes. But now more than ever I need a creative outlet, so here I am again, updating this little blog of mine.

I have so much that I can't wait to share and this is exactly the place to do it. I'm very much looking forward to getting cozy in my little corner of the internet once more. I missed it.

So hello again.

Saturday, September 22, 2012



It's so strange to me that this kid right here is a Senior in High School. It feels like only yesterday we were walking home from Elementary school together, with shiny new backpacks and brand new clothes. Here we are now, years later, both Seniors. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.

Don't grow let it blow by you too fast, bud. It's a big year for you (and me too I suppose) and you should be enjoying every second of it (I'll try to take my own advice, promise).

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Life Lately

The passed couple of weeks have been absolutely insane in so many ways.


I turned 21 and enjoyed my first legal drinking weekend with great friends and great family (and a really great Sangria).


Classes have started, and with that comes homework. Is it Christmas break yet?

Hanging out with friends by the fire to close out the summer. It's been an interesting one, that's for sure.

Hospital Room Views
The view from my Dad's hospital room. We're so thankful that he's finally back home with us after a couple of weeks of feeling miserable.

Even still, life is beautiful.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Looking Forward to Autumn

Looking Forward to Autumn

1 + 3. While everyone is getting excited about pumpkin everything, I'm just excited about the abundance of apples we'll be having. Caramel apples, apple pie, apple crisp, apple cider... I love my apples.

2. Around here, it is so lovely once the leaves start to change. The colors are so warm and beautiful. Driving to work or school becomes a little bit prettier for the few weeks that the foliage is in its peak.

4. I love shorts and sun dresses as much as the next girl, but what I really love are jeans, boots, sweaters, and jackets. Layering and a little bit of mystery are so much more appealing to me than excessive amounts of bare skin. I am so ready for it to be sweater weather, however I am not ready for the feet upon feet of snow we'll see come Winter.
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